Top Tips for Artists

ArtE is home to many talented artists from all walks of life. Being such a subjective product, the art on offer ranges from doodles and drawings, to realistic water colours and large scale abstracts.

We always welcome new artists to showcase their works and would like to offer a few tips on preparing, displaying and enjoying market day:

1. Art to display

Make sure there are plenty of artworks of varying sizes to display and sell at the art fair. Consider creating more than is needed, and bring the extras along with you. When an art sale is made, replace it with another. Consider having a collection of similar styled artworks and frames, instead of an eclectic mix. People will be more inclined to see you as an artist with a distinct style.

2. Displaying

There are many ways of displaying paintings at markets, but some work better than others.  ArtE offers a range of easels and display racks. Think about presentation and accessibility when arranging the artist display stand. Paintings look much better attached to a wall/ rack than lying on a table. Many artists use their own folding room dividers with hooks or lattices to attach artworks. Have the paintings mostly hung at eye level, and keep the best ones out front where visitors may easily see them. Make sure you bring your own hooks, cable ties or strings to hang your paintings.

3. Art Fair Guestbook

Include a guestbook for interested visitors, and have headings for name, place, and email address. Attach another heading at the end asking “Add to Mailing List?”
Those who grant permission may be added to your art market mailing list, and be notified of future art fairs, festivals, and shows.

4. Create a Sign

Either get one printed or make your own. Create a sign that is attention grabbing and attractive. Show off your artistic expertise here and get your name or brand noticed/ remembered.

5. Art Business Cards

Have lots of art business cards on hand. Some people may be interested in purchasing, but may not have cash on hand. Give them a business card including all your contact information, and an art website where they can see some of your art. Consider having flyers or postcards printed as well.

6. Small Artworks

Consider creating some small low priced artworks. Create quite a few of these as they tend to sell quickly. Include a sticker on the back with your contact info plus artist website. Also, think about producing small sized prints. These may entice the art collector to purchase a larger print or original at a later time.

7. Art Demonstration

Think about doing a demonstration artwork while at the market. People love to watch others paint or draw, especially children. It draws a crowd and more interest in your work, and adds credibility.

8. Come prepared

There may be many things you need on the day, so have a big bag or tool box at hand at all times with the following items:

Notebook, pens, calculator, price tags, price list, receipt book, bubble wrap, garbage bags, scissors, tape, utility knife, hooks, string, cable ties, extra touch up paints, extra small spotlights, electrical cord extensions, wrapping paper, paper towels, Windex, water, snacks, spare cash, change of clothes, small first aid kit, etc.

9. Know your own art

Be prepared to answer questions about your process or concepts. Most art have some story to tell, or some deeper meaning you intend to share. The more intriguing the story, the bigger chance of success.

10. Relax and have fun, but try not to sit down the whole day. Look active and enthusiastic. The more you show your pride and love for your art, the more customers you will attract.




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