Food Vendors

Selling food at ARTE – Regulations

Any vendor wishing to sell food at an ARTE event MUST strictly follow the following rules.


Food contamination and growth of bad bacteria can occur when handling food, during transportation, preparation, display and service. To control the hazards at each stage, simple precautions must be taken.


  • Hot/warm food, or food containing meat and fish products are not allowed at ARTE.
  • ARTE only allows food to be sold from dedicated food stalls; it cannot be sold along with other art and craft products.


We will randomly inspect stalls on market days to ensure that these requirements are met. Breaches of hygiene rules may prevent future trading at ARTE market events.


Which foods are allowed at the discretion of the ARTE management?

  • Cakes, cookies, breads, sweets, jams, pickles, chutneys, toffee, marshmallows and meringues


  • Meat and fish are not allowed, they are high-risk because they support the growth of harmful bacteria so easily and therefore are not to be sold at ARTE events.


Food hygiene training

Vendors selling food must follow these simple rules:

  • Keep clean and wear clean protective clothing
  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling food, after using the toilet, handling raw food or waste and after every break
  • Ensure spots, cuts and sores are covered with a brightly coloured waterproof plaster
  • Avoid unnecessary handling of food
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink where open food is handled
  • Clean as you go and keep all equipment and surfaces clean.



  • Food preparation must be carried out beforehand and not at ARTE.
  • Where food is prepared or handled, make regular and frequent use of hand sanitizers.
  • Clean, protective over-clothing should also be worn.
  • Surfaces and equipment, which come into contact with food must be kept clean and disinfected.


Food Labelling

Foods sold need to be labelled:

  • Name of the food
  • List of ingredients
  • Use by or best before date
  • Special storage conditions or conditions of use
  • Instructions for use if necessary.



  • All goods sold must be marked with an indication of their selling price. This price must be unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible.
  • Where goods are sold from bulk, the selling price may be indicated by specifying a unit of measurement, (kg, metre), per single item, or a specified quantity of the product.


Weights and Measures

  • Products sold at ARTE must be sold with an indication of their weight and marked on the packaging.
  • If you are selling goods loose from bulk, you should indicate to the consumer the exact weight of the produce when weighed.



  • All food must be wrapped, covered or placed in sealed washable containers during transport. This will prevent food from becoming contaminated with dirt and bacteria.
  • Vehicles and containers used to transport food must be kept clean and in good repair.
  • Food must be separated from any other items being carried in the vehicle.



  • All food items must be kept off the floor and must be kept at least 45 cm (18 inches) above the ground.
  • All taster items must be kept under a plastic disk cover.



  • Spoons, tongs, plastic wrapping or disposable gloves MUST be used to prevent hands from coming into direct contact with food.
  • Please bring your own bags to collect your waste and dispose of properly after the event.
  • Make sure basic food hygiene laws are followed.


Free samples

  • Samples should to be protected from contamination in the usual way.
  • Cocktail sticks or tongs should be available to stop customers from handling food with their hands and cross contaminating between samples.
  • Chilled food must not be left out of chill control for long periods. Keep quantities to a minimum and throw uneaten food away.
  • ARTE permits a maximum of four hours in most cases but it is best if high-risk food is disposed of after one hour out of chill control.


So, when you come to ARTE to sell your food products then bring a copy of this form, signed and ready to hand over at the registration desk at the market.



I, ………………………………………………. confirm that I have read these regulations and I undertake to comply fully with all the conditions contained therein. I take full responsibility and liability for any illness or sickness suffered by any person purchasing food products where such illness or sickness can be traced back by a competent medical authority to my products.



……………………………………………….  …………………………………                ………………………………….




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