Frequently Asked Questions



How large is the table?

The table measures 6 ft wide and 2.5 ft deep (which is 180cm x 75cm).

Is a tablecloth provided?

Yes, the table comes with a table cover with table skirt. This is usually in black or white. You cannot specify the colour and you are encouraged to also bring your own table covering if it is part of your particular display. The table skirt allows you to store extra stock under the table allowing you to keep your display and table presentation uncluttered, which is becoming more essential. The space around your table is also part of your display. So be organized and stow your spare belongings under the table and behind the cloth.

Can I bring my own table?

No you cannot. We are not allowed to add on to the tables. Your display is on and above your table. You can rent an art rack or you can bring a small clothing rail, or a mannequin. The rest of the floor space around your table has to be clear and tidy.

Can I share a table?

Yes you can share a table. You need to find your own friend to share with, since ARTE does not hold a list of vendors who wish to share. However, if each of you is attending as a separate vendor, with an individual product, then each of you needs to pay the newcomer’s fee. If two people are sharing then the price is for the space is Dhs 300.

Can I have my table next to my friend?

Tables are assigned through a ‘Lucky Draw System’, therefore we cannot guarantee the location of the table or space. We encourage all vendors to enter into the community spirit of an ARTE event and to make new friends with the vendor(s) next to them. We do consider special request for you and your best friend to be next to each other at ARTE.

How many items should I bring?

This is entirely your own choice. Consider your table display and prepare accordingly. We find that too many items may distract the buyer from making a purchase. More does not mean better.

How large are the racks?

The racks measure 60 cm or 90 cm wide, and 180 cm tall. One art rack consists of two panels joined together. You need to provide your own hooks or other means to hang your artwork.  We recommend S-shape hooks that are available from the hardware stores or available from the Kitchen Department in Ikea. Art can be displayed on both front and the backsides of the art rack, space permitting.
In an art space you will have one art rack (and 2 chairs) and you can rent a second rack for Dhs 50. If you feel that you have more artwork to display, then you can book a second art space, which will give you twice as much space.
You can only have a maximum of 2 art racks (i.e. 4 x 90 cm width) in any one art space.

Artists can also choose to display their art on easels, rather than on an art rack(s). An ‘art space’ will allow 3 easels, with an option for an artist to rent an additional 2 easels, giving a maximum of 5. These are only available at Times Square Center events.
If you have a table, you can only have one art rack (60 cm width) next to your table display, or else the area becomes too congested for both yourself and the vendor next to you.

I want to sell clothing items. Is this permitted?

At ARTE we welcome fashion designers, not resellers of clothing. To make sure that we get the real designer, we need to see a video of your sketches, fabric stash, work station, you at work, your label. The reselling of fashion made by others is strictly forbidden. We want the designer, with the special designs, that are beautiful, fun, quirky, different, original, gorgeous, awesome, original and nothing less.

What is in a fashion space?

A fashion space is a space with 2 chairs only, as it is expected that a fashion vendor will bring their own clothes rail(s). A maximum of two clothing rails is allowed.



How do I display my fashion items?

Please provide your own rails.

Next to a table you can have one small fashion rail. In one fashion space you can have no more than 2 fashion rails.

Are food stalls allowed at all ARTE markets?

Food vendors are only allowed to sell food at the ARTE Market in Times Square Center.  Please see the document on food sales. Foods permitted are Bread, cake, cookies, buns, pickle, chutney, jam, toffee, marshmallow and meringues.

I want to provide an activity. Can I?

Yes please! Let us know we love to support you. Just let us know what. You can bring your own kid’s activity tables, or use one of our normal size tables. We can provide you with some extra chairs if needed. Just let us know.

Why is my photo not in the album on the ARTE Facebook Page?

This happens. Occasionally the quality of the image is not good enough to put in the album. You should take your own pictures too, you can then send this to in for uploading. If an ARTE photographer arrives at your stall and you are not ready, then taking a picture is not always possible. Of course, you can take your own photograph of your own product and post it on your Facebook page and share it with ARTE (@ARTE, artisans of the emirates).

Why do I have to stay for the whole day? Why can’t I come later or leave earlier?

We have an agreement with the mall management to keep the market looking fabulous and fully attended.  Gaps at the market do not look nice.  In the same way, retail stores in a mall do not open and close when they want. They have to abide by the mall opening hours. Any vendor who wishes to arrive late or leave early should request approval from the ARTE management, but please note this will be granted in exceptional cases only. A person leaving early is like telling others that they can leave early too and this is not permitted.



Is there are minimum number of ARTE events which I need to take part in?

In order to participate in the popular autumn and winter markets in November and December, we ask the applicants to have taken part in at least three ARTE markets during the year, prior to November  & December.

We also notice that the drive for sales is extremely high and understandable. It is therefore that we ask our vendors to make a commitment to being a vendor at ARTE and to at the same time decide on how realistic their expectations are. Does ARTE have your customer? Do the customers at ARTE want to buy your product? Have you done your research? Have you done your networking, your marketing? Is your display ready for your nice product?

What is your phone number?

Our preferred way of communicating with our vendors is via email. In that way also, there is a written record of what is discussed and agreed. For emergency ARTE business only, please call 050 4589 411. If we miss your call we endeavour to call you back.

Is electricity available?

The vendor always needs to bring a long extension cord and also wide tape to secure the cable safely to the floor. In Times Square Center electricity is generally available but do please remember to bring your extension cable (recommend 10 meters). If after you have drawn your table out of the Lucky Dip and there is no power available in the vicinity of your table, please refer to the ARTE management who will try to sort out the problem. It obviously helps a lot if you arrive on time.

Where do I park my car?

In Times Square Center your car can be parked underground, and also outside on the front courtyard. From the basement car park there is both a travellator and / or lift access to the ARTE market.

In Al Hamra Mall there is only outside parking and it is nearby and convenient.

On the day of the market where do I register my attendance?

In Times Square Center the registration desk is open from 10am to 12 noon (only on the day of the market) and is located on the ground floor opposite the escalator. Please look out for the ARTE Registration Board. We are in process to bring the starting hour of the market to 10am. Please keep an eye on any announcements with regards to a time change.





Why do my products have to be Handmade in the UAE?

ARTE was founded as a platform for locally based makers of art, craft, design and fashion and a limited range of confectionaries in an effort to promote the growing arts & crafts culture in the UAE. ARTE is unique in setting the condition for participation as being handmade by you in the UAE. We are proud of our slogan, “We Make What We Sell.” “Handmade in the UAE”.

Can I change the product that I want to showcase and sell at the ARTE Market?

Yes you can, after you have received written approval from the ARTE management. Please drop us an email and send supporting photographs of your new range of products.

Will I get a place automatically at the ARTE events? I am an artisan!

No, not necessarily. Jewelry and fashion vendors have to go through a tougher scrutiny process and ARTE management reserves the right to reject certain products for quality reasons and / or non-compliance with what the ARTE brand stands for.  Also, as there is a high demand on the stalls in the winter season, we have therefore set a rule that only vendors who have attended at least 3 markets during a calendar year prior to November are able to get a place.

How do I get accepted to attend an ARTE market as a vendor and show my work?

We are committed to develop the quality and to protect the integrity of the ARTE brand of ‘being handmade in the UAE’. Therefore, we have an approval process where a prospective vendor must send either pictures, or video images of him / herself making the product that is intended to be sold at the ARTE market. We do not allow products made by others, or products that were made elsewhere… If we are satisfied that the product is the vendor’s own work and it meets our quality criteria, we will then allow the vendor to participate and attend ARTE markets. We also reserve the right to reject vendors after they have been accepted, if we feel that their work does not meet our guidelines. Every vendor joins us on a probation of two events’ basis.

If you wish to sell a different product after ARTE management has given initial approval for you to attend, you need to seek separate approval for the ‘new’ product. Please be aware also that we carry out regular table inspections and conduct Mystery Shopper exercises to monitor and protect the ARTE brand image. Vendors who show illegal products, are not welcome at ARTE!



How are the tables allocated?

The tables are allocated through the Lucky Draw system where the vendor picks his/her own table number out of the hat. This is fairest for all.

I see tables with names, some of them are always in the same location. Why is this?

Fixed place table allocations are only for team members who assist with the ARTE management and administration. Named table allocations are also available for vendors who book two or more tables. This is because in a lucky draw system it is unlikely that adjacent tables will be drawn out of the hat. However, although these vendors will have a named table, the location will not be fixed, and will vary from market to market.

We allocate tables to Fashion Vendors as well, because they come with clothing rails and need a bit more space and access to the changing room in the same vicinity.

If I pay for a year in advance can I then get a fixed table?

No you cannot.





How much does it cost to take part in an ARTE Market event?

A table stall, art space, fashion space all cost Dhs 250 per day.

A shared space / table costs Dhs 300 per day.

Additional art racks are rented out at Dhs 50 per day.

Art easels are only available in Times Square Center and are rented out at Dhs 20 per day.

Newcomer’s membership fee is Dhs 100, a one-time payment that is non refundable. This fee becomes due again if the vendor does not participate at an ARTE event for a period of one year.



What do I get for my payment?

A table stall comes with a tablecloth and skirt, and 2 chairs.

An art space comes with 1 double panel art rack and 2 chairs.

A fashion space comes with 2 chairs only.


What is your refund policy?

This depends on the timing.

If you let us know more than 72 hours before the event, (i.e before Tuesday midnight), then we can transfer your money to a future ARTE event within the next 6 months.


If you let us know less than 72 hours before an event, but still before the actual day of the event, you will forfeit 50% of your table fee and the balance 50% will be transferred to a future ARTE event within the next 6 months.

If you have to cancel on the day, for whatever reason, you will lose 100% of your table fee.


Is there a membership fee?

We prefer to call it a newcomer’s fee. or administration fee.  It is a payment of Dhs 100, which will last as long as you continue to take part in ARTE markets. If you do not take part in an ARTE market for a period of 12 months, then this fee will become payable again should you decide to participate again at ARTE.


What is the purpose of the newcomer’s fee?

It is an administration fee that supports the cost of running the markets to our best ability. It is a commitment from you to us, from us to you.


When do I need to make the payment by?

You need to pay cash in advance. We have a deadline for bookings, which is the Tuesday before each event, 6pm. A booking is only confirmed once the payment is received. Reservations are not made for vendors, unless the payment is received. Sometimes all the places are taken before the deadline, therefore we strongly recommend to pay early to avoid disappointment. We now also face a quota of vendors that we can fit in. This means that we will be fully booked earlier than expected. We accept booking based on payments received.



How do I pay?

  1. Enjoy the ease of the online ticket payment system through the secure gate of Central Tickets based in Dubai.
    1. Click Times Square Center, Dubai bookings.
    2. Click Al Hamra Mall in Ras al Khaimah bookings.
    3. The bookings fee is to be paid by you. This is between Dhs 15 and 20 per booking, but this saves you time and having to battle the traffic, avoids petrol money and you don’t add to the carbon footprint.
  2. Complete the bookings form and drop off the form and your payment into the Dropbox inside Craftland, the craft store, which is located on the first floor of the Town Center Mall along Beach Road in Jumeirah 1.
  3. You can also make an advance payment at the registration desk at any of the ARTE markets.


Can I make payment on the day?

This is no longer an option. However, under extreme circumstances and with the approval of the ARTE management, exceptions may be considered. The condition attached to any approval for a payment on the day is that if you are a NO SHOW for what ever reason you are expected to pay the full fee before your next market participation.


Can I pay for more than one event at a time?

Yes you can. Just make a clear note of which events you are paying for.


What happens if I pay and I am not able to make it?

This depends on the timing.

Please refer to the comments above regarding refund policy. It does happen that your plans change and that you are not able to attend the ARTE market after all. In this case we have the following rules:

If you let us know more than 72 hours before the event, (i.e. before Tuesday midnight), then we can transfer your money to a future ARTE event within the next six months.

If you let us know less than 72 hours before an event, but still before the actual day of the event, you will forfeit 50% of your table fee and the balance 50% will be transferred to a future ARTE event within the next 6 months.

If you have to cancel on the day, for whatever reason, you will lose 100% of your table fee.

Do I get a confirmation of my booking?

No you do not. But, if it is your first event, then you will receive an email with some newcomer’s tips a few days before an event. After this we will only communicate with you regarding your booking if we have a problem (so no news is good news). We will confirm your payment, if you email us specifically requesting it.


I have paid. Can I get a receipt?

You are able to get a written receipt from the registrar at the registration desk on the day of the event, if required.  Craftland in Town Center will NOT issue a receipt.









Where is Craft Land, also known as Craftland?

Craftland, the retails store in art and craft materials is located on the first floor of Town Centre Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai.


What are the opening hours of Craftland?

Craftland is open every day from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week, excluding Public Holidays.


I cannot download the form. How can I make the booking?

Simply write down the essential details on a piece of paper and attach this to the cash payment and drop this off into the Dropbox inside the Craftland store. We need to know:

General: your name, your mobile number, your email address, your Facebook page, your product description, the amount paid and the product you wish to sell.

Specific: date of attendance, location of market, table or art space or fashion space, with or without extra racks.

If I have cancelled my attendance then how long do I have to reschedule my booking?

If you cancel your booking you have six months from the original payment date to arrange for and participate in another market.  After that date the payment will be lost.


We hope we have answered your questions, and if not drop us a note on


Will we see you at ARTE? Perhaps just a visit first and then as a vendor or customer if your product does not meet our conditions?




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