Product Guidelines

ARTE The Makers Market – Product Guide lines

ARTE events are for handmade items ONLY, and we are proud to be able to

say ‘We Make What We Sell’ at ARTE.


Handmade items must be created by the vendor, who is selling at

the ARTE market. Below are general policies regarding handmade

items, as well as special considerations for certain types of listings,

or activities in the handmade categories.


1. ARTE markets are only open to UAE based designers, artist

and craters who design and produce their own products here

in the UAE. The maker must be in complete control of the

whole production process. The product has to be handmade in

the UAE by the artisan, the maker, the crafter, the artist, the



2. At ARTE, the Makers’ Market the term ‘handmade’ can

additionally be interpreted as ‘hand-assembled’ or ‘hand-



3. Restoring an old piece of furniture is permitted at the ARTE

markets, and unstitched clothing, stitched up is not.


4. To be considered handmade, the seller must also substantially

alter the design of an item produced from a ‘ready to

assemble’ kit.


5. Up cycled, reconstructed or significantly altered vintage items

may be considered handmade.


6. Selling commercial products, mass made products, handmade

or not is not permitted at ARTE, and this decision is at the

discretion of the ARTE team.


7. You may not showcase handmade items that you did not

create. This is considered reselling and it is not permitted.


8. Creatively re-packaging commercial items does not qualify

them to be sold as handmade (for example a gift basket

consisting of non handmade items, however a diaper cake

basket is permitted at ARTE).


9. In general, services are not allowed to be sold at ARTE. There

are a few exceptions noted below that are allowed as they

produce a new tangible physical item:

a. An instructional crafting workshop is allowed as long as

it provides the buyer with a tangible, physical item.

b. Photographic sessions where the customer can purchase

a photographic session for example family photos or


c. The application of nail art and henna art is permitted at


d. The provision of party management can be promoted at

ARTE if the products used at the parties are designed by

the team itself.


10. The sale of crafting supplies is allowed at ARTE, but

permission must be obtained first. These materials must not

be available in the UAE. The concern is not the brand, but the

product itself.


11. The sale of food items must strictly comply with the ARTE

food regulation document, see elsewhere.


12. Members who do not comply with ARTE’s policies will not be

refunded any registration, or administration fees.


13. In case of a dispute, ARTE management may ask the Maker to

demonstrate their skills and / or to remove any suspicious

products from the display. In extreme circumstances they

may ask a vendor to leave the ARTE market immediately.


Please note:

All applications must apply for their place at ARTE and find out

whether your product fits into our guidelines. Please submit photos

of your product to and ideally a small

video clip of you at work. We will then be more than happy to

review your submission and we will get back to you within a few

days with an answer.




19th June 2015, Dubai by ARTE, the Makers Market


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