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How to participate in an ARTE, The Makers Market and obtain a stall for your design work, art, craft, fashion and limited food products: 

Before applying to join ARTE, The Makers Market, please consider first if you meet our conditions of ‘I Make What I Sell’ andHandmade in the UAE’.  It is essential that you understand and comply with the concept behind ARTE, which is that all products must be handmade in the UAE by the vendor. The ARTE management needs to be satisfied that the vendors’ products meet this criteria before they are accepted to participate. The process that a potential vendor should follow is:
  1. read the guide lines first. We have two sets.
    1. One is for art and craft and design products
    2. And the other one is for food products
  2. send an email to including an introduction of yourself and images of your product and work space.
    1. In the case of fashion we insist on a video of the complete process of the making of the collection. Starting with sketches, pattern cutting and stitching and labelling. Please advise under which label you will be selling your fashion collection.
    2. In the case of food sales we also need to see images of your kitchen working space. The sale of a limited range of food products is only permitted in Times Square Center and not at any of our other markets at present.
  3. In the event of us not being able to confirm  whether you meet our conditions, vendors may be asked to bring their handmade product to an ARTE market for a show and tell interview with the ARTE team.
  4. This application process may take a few days because of the volume of requests that we receive. However, all those who email us, will receive a personal reply. If you don’t hear from us within 5 working days please send a gentle reminder.


  1. Complete the bookings form and drop off  the form and your payment into the Dropbox inside Craftland, the craft store, which is located on the first floor of the Town Center Mall along Beach Road in Jumeirah 1. To Craftland (click here for location)
  2. You can also make an advance payment at the registration desk at any of the ARTE markets.

We also love to know more about you, like for instance your profession, because we are always looking for support to help run ARTE. It would be great if you could let us know if you are interested in helping out at ARTE. Just drop the info in your email.

Good luck!
We are excited to meet with you at ARTE, The Makers Market.

20 comments on “Bookings form

  1. Hello there i live in ras al khaimah and i paint as a hobby though i am a dentistry student but i would like to join but i was wondering how many painting should i get . What is the minimum number of painting i could include ? Also per painting i will pay 15 or 20 dhs ?


  2. Hi,

    Good evening. I am nipa. Me and my friend pinki love to make accessories like earrings, neckpiece s as a passion. It’s a hobby and a passion. Sometimes we design them for our friends just like that. We would like to show case our handmade stuff through you. Will that be possible? Do we meet your criteria ? Will be waiting eagerly for your reply. Thanks


  3. I am an Indian artist, but soon I will be in Dubai as a teacher, can I join Arte, and what is the amount to book my place


  4. hello..
    i work as selling abayas and Moroccan caftans at home , i saw your event in al waha center and i liked it a lot .. i would like to reserve a stand or a table there , can i know how to contact you and reserve.
    and thank you..


  5. I am an Artist working in Dubai as a teacher, can I join Arte, and what is the amount to book my place. I am Jesno. I am specialised in Oil Paintings Acrylic paintings Terracotta painting art and crafts Warli Art Madhubami arts Mural on Canvas Recycled craft art etc. I would like to participate in ARTE. THANK U


  6. hello good afternoon every one
    my name is dariya ,im a new vendor, I m doing natural hand made soaps ,a lot of thanks dear Miriam and ur team,last Friday first time im in rak al hamra exhibition,very interesal,i m learned many things,i thing more experience ,more talent and more bizness, for future I will open my biznes website


  7. Hi im salmin im an indian. Currently residing in U.A.E. Im very interested in doing oil paints. Also i have many collections with me, focused mainly doing varied type of landscapes. Im very much interested to participate your programme. Can i? How?


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